Mobilization Funding

Mobilization Funding offers the cash flow needed to cover costs before work begins on a project or prior to invoicing. These costs can include such things as the transfer of both equipment and manpower, the installation of equipment at the project site, lodging and allowance, insurance, and payroll. A signed contract is all you need to be eligible for Mobilization Funding.

How does Mobilization Funding work?

Mobilization Funding makes it possible to cover costs upfront before new work begins. This provides a security blanket that allows projects to move more quickly from contract to production to invoice, giving you the confidence to take on larger jobs, knowing that there will be monetary coverage for materials and labor from start to finish.

ClearCoast Capital will advance up to 10% of the contract amount and provide Mobilization Funding to get the project started. As soon as the project is underway, an initial invoice is issued to your customer from your business. At that point the ClearCoast funding process converts into an accounts receivable facility. Up to 90% of the work completed invoice is advanced to you, ensuring you have the working capital necessary to complete the job on time. Now you also have the financial backing to take on new jobs and strengthen and grow your business at a faster rate. Mobilization Funding is a beginning to bigger and better things.

Why does my business need Mobilization Funding?


Mobilization Funding will provide the capital needed to start a job and take on new contracts.


ClearCoast will provide the funds needed to cover the costs to begin the project. The funds are based on your assets of value, such as work completed invoices, equipment, buildings, land and excess inventory that can back the transaction risk. The transaction is straight forward, reasonable, and requires zero equity in your company.

Fast Funding for Your Business!

Benefits of Mobilization Funding

  • Easy Qualification
  • Quick Application Process
  • Instant Decision Making
  • Balance Sheet Issues—No Problem
  • Imperfect Credit—Non Issue
  • Equity Required? Never!
  • Private Money
  • 2-5 Days Initial Funding, then Funding in 24 Hours
  • Collection Help-YES!
  • Project Access to Capital-Start to Finish
  • Pre-Check of Customers-YES!