Commercial Real Estate Financing

Short term bridge financing can help your business purchase or build the commercial real estate it requires to operate.

What is Commercial Real Estate Financing?

While ClearCoast does not finance residential purchases, we understand commercial real estate. The commercial real estate business is more complex and quite different compared to residential real estate. Commercial projects can range from a small office to a mall, hotel or hospital. New construction is also handled differently than buying an existing commercial property. Typically commercial projects require a much higher down payment ratio, and you also need to find a lender that will cater to your particular situation, this is where ClearCoast can help. Not only are we experienced in the commercial real estate market, many of our employees came to work here from some facet of the commercial mortgage or lending business.

ClearCoast Capital is based on providing custom solutions that will work for a business’s specific needs. Having said that, we will look at any commercial funding opportunity presented. Since commercial real estate transactions are complex it is impossible to approve or rule out a potential funding scenario without having a conversation first and learning more about your business. The key take away here is that when it comes to commercial lending, we are open for business and a viable source of capital funding for commercial projects. Rates will vary based on the scope and risk of each transaction.

How does Commercial Real Estate Financing work?

Prior to seeking financing for commercial real estate, be sure that you have the proper documents and that they are up to date. If you have all of the required documents and a well thought out business plan, you are more likely to gain the financing you need. When engaging commercial real estate investments, you are required to have a down payment. In addition to this, you will also need earnest money, points, and closing costs. Unless you have your own money to invest in commercial property, traditional funding sources are less likely to loan you a full sum to cover the cost, and more likely to loan you a fraction of the sum.

Financing can come from multiple sources including personal wealth, corporate profits, bank financing, hard money loans, private investors, and an alternative asset-based lender such as ClearCoast. When considering the construction or purchase of commercial real estate, it is important to understand that you may incur upfront costs that are significantly higher than those in normal residential transactions. You will still need to have the property you are considering appraised and assessed by property inspectors, engineers, and other appropriate tradespeople as you determine its worthiness. These inspections can cost upwards of several thousand dollars and may end up yielding information that will lead you to the decision that the property is not a viable investment after all. While this is valuable information you want to know before finalizing your contract, it is important to understand that these “sunk” costs can occur.

ClearCoast can provide capital up to $20 Million Dollars based on the verified value of the assets pledged to back up the deal. The assets can be any one or more of the resources we use to fund a project, including work completed invoices, purchase orders, government contracts, equipment, other real estate, or anything that can be considered as collateral. ClearCoast will require clear first position access to liquidity for all assets pledged against ClearCoast funds deployed.

Why does my business need Commercial Real Estate Financing?


Commercial Real Estate Financing allows you the capital to build or purchase the real estate you need to operator or grow your business.


ClearCoast will discuss your specific needs and learn more about your business to find the best Commercial Real Estate Financing solution to fit your requirements.

Fast Funding for Your Business!

Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Financing

  • Excellent time to invest
  • Rates are low
  • Asset-based funding is faster and easier
  • Equity not required
  • When banks say “NO” we can say yes
  • Owning is better than renting or leasing
  • Commercial property should increase in value
  • ClearCoast is flexible
  • Financing available nationwide
  • Easy access to decision-makers
  • Experience in commercial markets