Luxury Asset Loan

Whether you are trying to secure a loan to make a time-sensitive purchase, or you need extra capital to close on a lucrative real estate deal, luxury asset financing can get you the funding you need, for a wide array of investment opportunities.

How a Luxury Asset Loan Works

If you own personal luxury assets free and clear, you can leverage the value of those assets to secure fast cash for your business. Items like diamonds and other fine jewelry, fine art, high value collectibles, luxury automobiles, planes, boats, and more. This little known borrowing technique is used all the time by asset-rich entrepreneurs and it enables them to borrow against their value on a strictly confidential basis with no credit needed. One major advantage to this method of borrowing is that the rates are about the same as your average credit card.

Benefits of a Luxury Asset Loan

  • Secure financing without credit checks
  • Does not encumber any other business or personal assets
  • Does not require a personal guaranty